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There are basically two components to having a web site. Building and Maintaining a web site and Hosting a web site. This is not a one time project. The site has to change as your products change. Your product can be anything from a catalog to just personal information. It takes a bit of planning. What do you want to accomplish with your site? Do you want to sell or just pass along information?

The document is uploaded to a computer that serves these documents to people requesting them from the Internet. This computer has to be a machine that is set up for the task and connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. There a couple of places that you can get free personal pages but if you want to conduct business then you will have to pay for hosting. We have some different sources for hosting if you need a server. You can expect to pay about $30.00 and up for hosting depending on what you need. Servers that are set up for secure commerce are more expensive. You may also have to pay for CGI's. Having your own name will also cost you $70.00 for the first 2 years and $35.00 each year after that. Some hosting companies charge a setup fee.

Web documents are written in a computer code or language called HTML (hypertext markup language). Java and CGI programing add functionality and jazz to your site. Pictures and other media files need to be in a form that a Web Browser can use. We assemble all of the files and information, write the page and upload the information to your server. How much will a page cost is always the big question.

Open a site on the Internet. Print the site out. It takes about 1 hr. of HTML coding to produce one of those printed pages. That does not include the graphics, or scanned pictures. Bulletin board, forms and other special programs are can be accomplished with Java or CGI's. This added functionality also takes some programing.

We charge $40.00 / hr for HTML coding. Custom Graphics start at $40.00/ hr. depending on the artist. Digital Photography sessions are geared to the needs and are at a rate of $40/hr. plus travel. Scanning starts a $5.00 / scan and depends on how much work is needed on the picture after scanning. CGI programing depends on the program, and or the programer. Page updates are easy. It's not like reprinting a whole catalog. Just change the HTML file.

This may give you a ball park figure for comparison but the best way is to get with me and talk about your web site.

Whether you end up working with us or with someone else there are some things you should know. Robin Brandenburg The Web Warden 573-775-2270