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You are probably considering several web designers. If you aren't, you should. Whether you decide to go with me or another designer make sure you follow the following guidelines.

1. Assemble a team. Placing an Internet site on is not an overnight thing. It is a team effort that takes planning. YOU NEED 4 ELEMENTS.

  • An architect or team leader,
  • A computer coder (HTML, Java, Perl,)
  • A graphics designer,
  • YOU!

The Web Warden has assembled most of the team, we just need you.

2. Make sure you own the computer code and graphics when the designer is finished. Make sure you can take the code with you if you decide to go with another designer or hosting company.

We hope your experience with us is nothing but the best and we will work to keep you business. If you ever decide to go the page code, and graphics are yours, you paid for them.

3. Don't let your site designer bloat your page. It may look great when you see it load from the hard drive. The average guy is not running the newest system with the latest software and a direct connection to the Internet. Having huge graphics or other software giving you a long down load time will send people packing instead of waiting for you page to down load. You need a sight that is designed for all ages of computers, browser and connection speeds.

4. Make sure you understand the fees and what they are for up front. Separate the designing and hosting fees. Some will try to get you on board with a low ball design fee only to hit you with larger hosting or sight maintenance fees. The web warden is extremely competitive on the design and lets you pick the hosting solution that is right for you.

5. Look at sites the designer has on line. You may want to look at some of my sites.

There are several styles here from simple to complex. One thing to notice is that they are all custom designs, no rubber stamp page design with a listing company.

We want to be your site designer. Let us know when we can start on your project.

  • Robin Brandenburg
  • The Web Warden
  • 573-775-2270