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Not everyone needs the same thing in a web server. You may have a site that you can host at one of the may free places. You may want to manage the server your self. You may need a secure commerce server. Most sites fall somewhere in between. Just as not all sites need the same thing not all servers are created equal or cost the same. The Web Warden offers many different hosting options on either Unix or Windows servers.

The most popular server option is hosting with The Web Warden. We have been frustrated lately working with other hosting services and went searching for the best deals in available hosting. One where we have a greater amount of control over the server, a great connection to the internet and a large set of standard features. We put it together and now we can offer it to you. Your page with as an address for $30.00/month includes;

E-mail and Mailing Lists:
With your account you are allowed 100 POP3 e-mail accounts. Each of these POP3 accounts has a unique login and password, which you can change at anytime.

Mail forwarding is having e-mail sent to a specific website on your virtual domain to be forwarded to another true POP3 mail account. You can have any E-mail account automatically forwarded to the correct person. Say you have an account, When mail comes to this account it is automatically forwarded to ?????? This way when people change responsibilities the e-mail goes to the correct person.

Auto responders allow you to automatically sends a message to incoming e-mail with a specified message. This mail can then go to the correct mailbox to be read. This lets people know their message has been received and will be responded to.

Mailing List Manager and MajorDomo are available if you are interested in reliable mailing list programs!

The Web Warden has an affordable e-commerce solution. The site is secure and the cost of the shared Secure Certificate is included in the cost of hosting. You can This saves you $250 to $350 per year in SSL Certificates. I have a couple of shopping cart solutions available and you can add you own if you wish.

FTP accounts:
You can have an anonymous ftp account so people can download files from their browser or an ftp program. You can also have 10 ftp accounts that are restricted.

Multi Media:
A Real Audio / Real Video and True Speech servers are included in the price of hosting.

Website Advertising :
WebAdverts is an outstanding website advertising program which allows us to create/edit/remove and auto-expire advertisers on your website. This would be a great addition for underwriters!

Website Statistics Solutions :
Between Webtrends and WebsiteReporter, you can know absolutely everything there is to know about visitors to your site. Where do they live and what site referred them to you? What keywords did they use in the search engines in order to find your website?

Also Included: We can create a number of features on your website, from an advertising program to customized error pages, and even two different chat applications! How about a banner management program or Conference Room, a Java chat application can be setup on your account. We can also add a multiple topic forum, consider the Ultimate Bulletin? We can place a search engine on your website using Excite! search, the same patented technology used by Excite!

HTM Form E-mailer is a script that allows users to have a form sent to them in an e-mail when a visitor on their website fills out a form. This form can also be made secure.

You can use the easy control panel to manage your server, or The Web Warden can administer it for you. Dedicated servers are available.

This is about everything I ever wanted when building websites for the last 5 years. If there is something you need and it is not here we offer a cgi-bin area where you can place your own perl scripts. Now what are you waiting for. Sign up now with The Web Warden.

If you don't see what you want, let me know we can probably customize a server for you.