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Building the page is just the beginning. Now you have to get people to your site. When I first started this company I could register a site with a search engine, they would be indexed almost immediately and the people started coming. It is not that simple today. Today we suggest at least a three tiered approach.

  • Search engine and directory submission.
  • Appropriate reciprocal linking.
  • Advertising.

Search engines, and directories are still the number one way to get people to your site. We can submit and monitor your site to the major search engines and directories. If you need a more specialized submission service we can guide you but don't become overly obsessed about this avenue.

Reciprocal linking is one of the best ways to get your name out there quickly. By finding sites that service the same clientele but are not competitors you can usually have a link to your site posted on their site and visa versa. That way If you don't have what your site visitor is looking for you have a link for them, and you get visitors in the same way. We have a client who established about 20 well placed reciprocal links and increased her traffic by 400 %. There is no software to do this. It takes good old browsing and asking for the links. It's not hard but it is time consuming. We can guide you with this project or we can provide the service.

A Web site is not a substitute for advertising. It is a more cost efficient way to get your information to the consumer. It is also easier to keep current. Keep your present advertising, make sure you add your web site and e-mail addresses to all of your advertising. You may want to down size the amount of information in the add and ask the reader to visit the web site, but you must keep advertising.